What makes a place special? I do not think the answer is in words alone. It is in a journey in which a place reveals itself in ways that are difficult to put in words. As a visual artist I aim to capture the unique character and the beauty of industrial landscapes using sequences of photographs. I aim to take the viewer of my images on a visual journey in the course of which she gains insight into what makes the often abandoned industrial structures I portray very special and beautiful places.

My images are often the result of a significant amount of post-processing in which I aim to recover the idealized ways in which I experienced particular situations: emphasis on certain diagonal lines, unusual and emerging geometric shapes, interesting color combinations and contrasts, etc. I aim for highly idealized and subjective images that document how a given place revealed itself to me.

My first larger body of work in which I aim to realize those ideas, is my portrait of ‘Silo City’, a collection of about ten, mostly disused, silos along a one-mile stretch of the Buffalo River. Over a period of about one year I visited this place numerous times and took thousands of images. This resulted in one solo exhibition and two photography books. Some of the images are displayed on this website.